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Spring Cleaning Exchange Rules

Welcome to Spring Cleaning Exchange! This group was created for members to buy, sell, trade and give away unwanted items. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules. If you want to post “jokes” post it on your own page. By post your “jokes” on the SCE main wall you are wasting other peoples time. Personal albums and documents are not allowed. We are enforcing the “three strike rule” while there are exceptions (explained later on) when you reach your three strikes you are banned permanently from the group and will not be let back in. Remember as administrators we are here to keep the site organized and running smoothly!

Here is a list of items that are not allowed in the group.

Phones or In search of phones

Weapons (paintball guns, knives, pocket knives, swords, bb guns, airsoft guns, bow & arrow, guns, etc).

Drop side cribs

Items from WIC

Food or drink (including alcohol)

Items pertaining to nudity, drugs & drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, adult toys.

CPAP Machines (these are set at a certain pressure and need a prescription from a doctor to purchase)

Posts containing ANY of these items will result in an automatic ban from the group without notice.

**Uploading a picture from a computer**

When uploading a picture from a computer you must place your picture in our pre-made albums. Underneath the banner on the page click on photos. Once you’ve click on photos find the album that is most appropriate for your item and click on that. Once inside the album click on upload photo and go from there. Do not click on upload photo when you are at the album screen. This will cause you to create a personal album which we do not allow. We have plenty of albums that will accommodate everything. If you have many items to sell I recommend making an album on your Facebook page and sharing it on the main wall of the group. This is allowed! We’ve recently seen multiple pictures in posts. We will allow this BUT if you put 6 pictures in one post that is your 6 uploads for the day. No questions asked.

**Uploading from a mobile device**

This is pretty simple. Mobile uploads are allowed as long as you have the auto tag of “via mobile” or “near your location”. Do not type “via mobile” this does not count and your picture will be deleted. If you are having problems with the auto tag try turning the gps off on your mobile device. The limit is still 6 per day.

**Bumping photos**

Bumping refers to commenting on your post to push it to the main wall to the top of the list. As of 11/20/12 we put into effect the rule of uploading, bumping and price adjustments combined is up to 6 items ONCE per day (no item is to be bumped more than once per day). What this means is if you upload 6 items you are not to bump at all the rest of the day. If you bump 6 items per day you are not to upload at all the rest of the time. If you upload to the albums when you bump it to the main wall that is your bump for that item for the day. Mobile uploads will not get an additional bump because it is already on the main wall. Bottom line an item does NOT get bumped more than once a day. Keep in mind though the 6 items per day. It is not fair for one person to hog the main wall. If you over upload or bump your pictures will be deleted without warning. If you are caught bumping and deleting your comments your post will be removed and you will get a strike (and yes we can tell). We have one exception to the bumping rule and it is for lost pets. Please bump those as much as you want; we want your pets to come home safe and sound!

**Find your posts/pictures**

At the top of the page on the right side there is a blank box with a magnifying glass next to it. Type in your name and click on the magnifying glass and it will bring up your most recent history of posts and comments to the group.

**Selling pets**

As of 5/31/2013 members are no longer allowed to sell/buy/give away animals of any kind on the group. It was a mutual decision among all admins. You are still allowed to post for lost animals or animals you have found. Any posts that concern buying/selling/giving away animals will be deleted without warning. Members are still allowed to sell/buy/give away pet accessories. There are many other groups in our area that allow pets. Please use those. Looking for breeders is against the rules also. Please do not use your animal for money they deserve love!

**Inappropriate Behavior**

This is a family friendly site. Foul language, name calling, belittling members, harassment and arguing will not be tolerated. Blocking any administrator will result in an immediate ban from the group no exceptions. Please do not argue with administrators either, we are here to help you! If you have any problem with another member contact an administrator right away and we will do our best to resolve the problem in a timely matter. Do not post your troubles on the main wall this causes nothing but problems and arguments. Please do not comment on a post if you are not interested in purchasing the item. Comments such as the item can be found elsewhere cheaper, or you’re selling the same item cheaper, or the item looks damaged, etc is not allowed. Everyone needs to be treated with respect, there is absolutely NO reason for an attitude in this group. Everyone is an adult-act like it.

**Photo Clean Up**

Photo clean up is done regularly to keep the albums from getting to large. Photos older than 30 days with no activity within 24 hours will be deleted. Members it is your responsibility to delete your pictures! Please do not put sold and then abandon them. To delete a picture from a computer click on the picture. There will be a toolbar at the bottom click on options then remove picture. From a mobile device you swipe your finger sideways and a red button will appear that says remove, click that.

**Three Strike Policy**

Enforcing the three strike policy is to ensure the best sales possible! Please use common sense when inquiring about an item. Check the item over thoroughly before handing over your money. Not everything will result in a strike. No shows are going to be the biggest one. Please let us know about these! We can’t get rid of the bad apples unless you tell us. It is also up the seller on who they chose to sell too. Some people will go by “first come first serve” others will go in order. This is strictly up to the seller. When we are notified about a member we are not required to message you and inform you about it. If you feel guilty then odds are you are! As administrators we reserve the right to ban without notice.


Anyone is allowed in Spring Cleaning Exchange except people that have been previously banned, have blocked administrators or have fake accounts. If you are unable to add someone to the group you are to be sending an administrator a message not posting something to the main wall. It is up to the seller what they charge for their item. If you are not happy with their price feel free to make an offer but be considerate. Also all items need to have prices. If they don’t they will be deleted without notice. We are also not an auction group. If they say no and you are not willing to pay more then move on. There is no rule that states another member can’t block another. There is no rule that states you have to go in order of who comments first. For some reason this has been an issue lately, so again THERE IS NO SUCH RULE! If you have a problem with someone we highly encourage you to block them so there are no additional problems. When you set up a time for your exchange try to keep that appointment. Think of it as your going to a doctors or dentist appointment, your always on time for those right? Emergencies do tend to come up and most people will understand. If you can’t make it try and send the other person a message so they are not left there waiting for a no show. We also encourage buyers to go to the sellers, after all you are buying from them. Prices are to be put on all items we are not an auction site. Always please remember Facebook is constantly making changes to the group. If your pictures or posts disappear it is not always our fault!

Please feel free to contact any administrator if you have questions about anything. We are here to help you! Thank you and happy selling & buying!

  1. soulofserenity permalink

    Please send all questions to an admin in a pm on the group. This is just a link for the rules. I don’t normally check this for questions. Thank you.

  2. sally caudillo permalink

    Thank you

  3. jacklyn brown permalink

    I really don’t know what kind of commeny you want, but heard about this site from my niece and sounded really nice

  4. except i wasnt trying to give away or sell my pet your policy says nothig about breeding animals a sale was now where in there 😦

  5. Melanie Funderberg permalink

    Yes im new at putting things on could you tell me how to auto tag and also I dont have a magnifying glass to see my stuff I’ve put on. Is there another way to see? ?? Thank you for your help.

  6. janet permalink

    I’ve got some nice things that I bet would make great Christmas gifts.

  7. Tracey Coppotelli permalink

    Just wanted to see this sight…if I can find any deals

  8. Larry Schauff permalink

    Good set of rules, make good sense!

  9. Larry Schauff permalink

    Drove myself about half crazy trying to find the little magnifying glass to enter my name to find my posts, but it doesn’t exist on my samsung galaxy proclaim, but do find it on the computer.
    Just letting you know in case someone else complains about this, you’ll have an answer for them.
    This phone should proclaim that it proclaims very little.

    Appears this phone doesn’t proclaimed really that much

  10. I have a good running van I would like to exchange for a good running car

  11. george burks permalink

    Fridge for sale. Great shape

  12. Bought a bed for 130.00 that the ad said bed and mattress. Paid for the item went to pick it up and the person said “we decided to keep the mattress”. What a rip off.

  13. This post is awesome, thanks for such exiting post. I Appreciate that your post is really informative.

  14. I have a Maltese / poodle for sale she 8years old moving in to apartment good with children and other dogs best offer

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